Writing an ebook for content marketing: Publicise the product

Posted on June 21, 2018 by admin tagged with , , , under Strategy

This is the fun part, right? Once your shiny new ebook is complete you can go to town with the direct marketing and publicity. Here are some of the things to consider on the publicity playing field with an ebook in your pocket.

Online presence and Web site or blog
  • The online presence for an ebook can easily be more substantial to that commanded by an article or whitepaper.
  • There’s no harm in registering a domain and tossing up a landing page for the ebook.
  • You can use a new top level or slot it into and existing domain (e.g.
  • Be sure to be descriptive about what the ebook contains so you are rewarded with the rightful amount of SEO.
  • Making people register to get the product is a common form of in-bound lead generation.
  • Balance the potential for qualified leads with the greater reach opportunity open distribution presents. My content marketing report is available for free to all without any registration requirements.
  • In any event, keep the product close to your brand and presence.
Social media
  • Create accounts for all popular social networks.
  • Join social groups and communities with a common interest.
  • Think of ways to encourage sharing including sharing for some type of reward your organisation can offer.
  • Use the channels to disseminate a few words or wisdom from the book on a regular basis.
Traditional media
  • Journalists have always appreciated good content, so sending a few copies out to key writers in the space isn’t the worst thing you can do.
  • If desired engage with a PR firm to perform a professional media relations campaign around the launch.
  • If the content is compelling journalists will continue to refer to it when writing about the topic for some time to come.
Direct marketing
  • In addition to in-bound lead generation, an ebook gives you the option of using a list rental service for out-bound lead generation.
  • Both online and print channels can be used.
  • Print a few copies and have them as giveaways at events.
  • If you’re presenting, use some of the ebook content in your slide deck and offer a free copy to everyone in attendance.
  • Send a digital copy to people in exchange for a business card.
Sales support
  • The ebook will also come in handy as field sales and marketing collateral that can be offered to prospects at any stage of the sales cycle.
  • Like other forms of content the ebook will help build a trusted relationship between you the supplier and your prospects and, hopefully, increase the changes of closing deals and up-selling clients.
Partner relations
  • If you are looking to build up channels then the ebook will be perfect for articulating your core audience and value proposition as well as communicating the areas where partners can work with you.
Customer relations
  • Don’t forget your existing customers and clients. Content marketing is all about customer satisfaction relationship building as much as it is generating new business.

With the right planning, approach and content your ebook can be the little gem of your content marketing activities. And, like other content, will feed nicely into established marketing programs.

This brings blog series on writing an ebook for content marketing to an end, but I will keep it updated with new posts as developments in this area progress.