Writing an ebook for content marketing: Flex the format

In step 2, I covered the key components to consider in an approach to an ebook project. In step 3 I will outline what to consider regarding the format of the publication itself.

As you can imagine longer form content pieces can take many shapes and sizes. As part of your project scope you will need to decide how much time and energy you are prepared to set aside to produce a quality ebook without it becoming a never ending story…

Here are some guidelines for what’s involved in creating the ebook once you have decided on an approach to the content.

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Decide on the most suitable approach and variables like length and type of content to be included and work towards developing a scope of the ebook project. Once you have a scope and budget in mind, meet with your editor to discuss timing and start working on the content.

When you have decided on the format of the ebook, you’re almost ready to begin. But before you do, it’s good practice to budget for your ebook project. In the next step I’ll go over the costs involved in creating an ebook for content marketing.

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